Collier’s Learning Report, 2018

Between Christmas and New Years Eve, I took a few hours to look back on my 2018. I reviewed my time sheets, my projects, my business development tracker, my calendar, and my journal. I reflected on my wins, my challenges, my values, and my goals both for my business and for my personal life.

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Paul Collier
Questions You Should Never Ask if You're in the Business of Making an Impact

Asking good questions with the data at hand is an important skill for teams and organizations making the world a better place. But all this questioning and analysis can have a shadow side — asking the wrong questions can be a waste of time and distract your team from your most important goals. Here are 5 common traps leaders in the social sector make when asking questions, and how to avoid them.

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Why Nonprofit Leaders Need Habits for Measuring Performance

Over the last two years I worked as the Data and Evaluation Manager at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center (SFCAPC), a mid-size nonprofit focused on ending child abuse in San Francisco. This was a fantastic learning experience — I worked with 50+ staff members ranging from policy advocates to social workers, helping them use our data to serve clients better. About two months into this job, I read a book that changed how I approach this work entirely.

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