Paul Collier Consulting becomes Coeffect

Today, my business is taking a huge step forward - I’m announcing my new brand, Coeffect.


When I started this consulting practice in 2016. I treated it as an experiment - can I make it 6 months? A year? I knew that building a business supporting small and mid-size nonprofits would be difficult. It’s not what you might call the ‘ideal’ market. But so many of these organizations wanted to improve how they collect and use data, if only they could find (and afford) someone with the right skills and experience.

Over the last three years, I had to face my own insecurities, and recognize the very real limits of my time and energy. I’ve been able to make it work, completing strategy, analysis, and data systems projects for organizations in Colorado and beyond. But I wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of countless mentors, peer consultants, and other professionals who have given me opportunities and or helped me on projects.

The name Coeffect spoke to me for two reasons. First, I learned that I do my best work with others. I’m now bringing other consultants into almost all of my projects, and we organize our work to leverage our relative strengths. Second, I’ve realized that I approach my projects in a different way than some other evaluators. Some individuals and firms seek to maintain distance from their client, so they can render an objective judgement of program’s success or failure. This can be really helpful at times, but it isn’t what I do. Instead, I view myself as an extension of my clients’ team, working together to strengthen our community.

Although my brand name is changing, my focus is staying the same. I’m still working with small and mid-sized nonprofits, helping them establish the foundations of internal evaluation they need to grow.

I’ve learned so much over the last three years, and I’m still excited to wake up every day contributing, in a small but important way, to making people’s lives better. Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with over the last 3 years, I hope we can continue this for many more!

Paul Collier