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What We Do

Coeffect typically works with nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and social enterprises with 5-40 employees. Any of our projects includes at least one of the services listed below, and often our projects involve a combination of these.

While leveraging technology is an important component to most of our projects, we are not resellers of any software program and have not established any formal partnership agreements with technology companies. This helps us provide recommendations for technologies that meet our clients’ needs.


Theory of Change

We help you pinpoint your intended outcomes, and work backwards to define what will have the biggest impact on your beneficiaries. A Theory of Change is the foundation of the rest of your impact strategy.


Data Collection & Analysis

We design surveys, focus groups, observation protocols, and other tools to collect data on your outcomes. Then, we apply statistical techniques and analyze with data tools like R, Excel, and Tableau to distinguish the signal from the noise.


Data Product Design

We relish in the art of creating intuitive interfaces, presentations, reports, and dashboards that clearly communicate insights from data. We employ platforms such as R and Tableau, and facilitate interactive data interpretation sessions to illuminate different perspectives on results.


Cloud Database Selection & Implementation

We lead implementations of Salesforce to help nonprofits manage data around those they serve. Salesforce is highly flexible and surprisingly cost-effective for nonprofits, making it a viable option for many small organizations. However, we know Salesforce isn’t always the best solution, and can facilitate system selection projects to help our clients get clear on their needs and find the best technology fit.


Outsourced Chief Impact Officer

Sometimes, small-but-growing organizations don’t have someone with the background and knowledge to own their impact measurement agenda. We can serve as your fractional Chief Impact Officer, executing on a plan that provides the most return on your impact measurement investment until you can grow your team.